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Lower back killing you? Could be your SI joints...

By Liseli Harloff

THU APR 08, 2021

The SI joints have a very small range of motion but when they are inflammed can cause a ton of discomfort! I was originally diagnosed with disc herniation which through Yoga and back injections have healed beautifully. However about 6 months ago I began noticing lower back discomfort, I was terrified that my herniations were returning! Lucky for me I teach Yoga for a local Chiropractor and after an evaluation he diagnosed me with SI joint inflammation caused by poor hip flexor mobility, aka tight hips. Me a Yoga teacher with tight hips? Say it isn't so!

SI stands for Sacroiliac joint and many things can happen in this area to cause them to become unhappy, thankfully there is help. Always start with a proper medical diagnosis, never self diagnose. This can be done by a Doctor, Chiropractor or Physical therapist.

Some of the most common reasons for SI joint pain are:

  • Poor posture
  • Pregnancy or Child birth
  • Hypermobility
  • Degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis
  • Hip flexors that are not "firing" properly (my case)

How do we "fix" them, the first step is finding out the cause then utilizing things like Chiropractic care, PT, Yoga, Pilates (this is a short list) but being proactive in your healing journey is key. Even if you have tried Yoga and hated it, try a different style or teacher, same goes for Chiropractic care, PT and Pilates, but never give up hope, my SI joints are now happy and yours can be too.