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New class series

By Liseli Harloff

WED SEP 08, 2021

Hello Yogis,

Just wanted to check in briefly and let you know of some new exciting changes coming. I am still teaching Yoga inside Dr. Janssen's chiropractic office every Saturday at 9am and Monday's at 7am. The studio is open to the public but class size is limited for safety and comfort. Beginning this month I will be offering themed classes. We will begin with Warrior III Saturday 9/11. What this means is that for four classes in a row I will be breaking down specific poses and variations for ALL LEVELS. I will aslo be teaching you some breath work and meditations to help us channel our inner calm. Theming classes will help you see your progress and deepen your practice. I will announce the theme via social media.

If there is a pose or anything else Yoga related that you'd like a deep dive into please let me know!

Monday's class is a Yin style class, we use the wall as a prop and hold the poses for a little longer. Yin is an amazing way to increase flexibility, improve joint mobility and reduce stress and anxiety.

Thank you for your attendance, some of you have been with me since 2018! I have truly enjoyed your friendship and look forward to practicing with you.