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Salt Cave Yoga

By Liseli Harloff

THU JUL 08, 2021

If you are thinking of coming to Oceanair Himalayan salt cave for Yoga but not sure what to expect you came to the right place! My name is Liseli and I teach a very Gentle Yoga class inside the Himalayan salt cave. You will be joined by 5 other Yogis. The cave is large and dimly lit so claustrophobia should not be an issue. Bring a pair of socks and a yoga mat and prepare to relax like never before. After a brief introduction of the health benefits associated with Himalayan Sea salt I will begin to guide you through some gentle poses and breathing exercises, we will finish class with a guided meditation. Class is perfect for ALL levels and beginners are always welcome! To secure your spot please call 727-754-3979.

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to meeting you very soon.